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Ambassador Protection has a team of Private Investigators in London and has access to a national network of private investigators.

Ambassador Protection are able to carry out Private Investigations for a number of reasons such as tracing debtors or parties to litigation who have disappeared or moved from last known address, suspects for crimes, absconders or fugitives, witnesses in criminal or civil cases, beneficiaries in inheritance cases as well as family-related matters such as adoption traces, long-lost relatives or partners.

Private Criminal Investigations

Ambassador Protection can conduct criminal investigations where police have not yet been contacted or are not proactively investigating, in order to gather more evidence or to identify a suspect e.g. repeated anti-social behaviour, harassment, cases of theft/fraud by employees or re-examining unsolved crimes. Ambassador Protection can also assist the defence where detailed inquiries are needed to support the defendant’s case at trial.

Road Traffic Investigations

Ambassador Protection can provide a road traffic collision investigation report where the circumstances and causes of a collision are in dispute and further scrutiny is needed for insurance or litigation purposes. Our Private Investigators can interview witnesses, visit scenes and assess previous reports. Ambassador Protection can also instruct specialist technical investigators where needed.

If you are looking for a Private Investigator in London, then get in touch today with Ambassador Protection, 24 hours a day on 0203 129 1007

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