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Ambassador Protection is able to provide Door Supervisors for licensed premises either on a short or long term basis to meet licensing requirements and to ensure the safety and security of customers and staff at your pub, bar, club, restaurant or any other licensed entertainment venue or event.

Ambassador Protection will deploy a team which ensure that your staff feel safe, and your visitors can enjoy themselves in controlled and safe environment. Ambassador Protection is able to deploy teams of 2 to 20 Door Supervisors at short notice and larger teams with adequate notice. Door Supervisors deployed by Ambassador Protection will assess the suitability of individuals wanting to enter your venue, as well as checking age and ID, enforce dress codes and carrying out bag and personal searches to ensure illegal drugs and harmful objects are not allowed to enter the venue.

Ambassador Protection understands our clients’ have a reputation to maintain and all our Door Supervisors are highly trained to in conflict resolution and physical intervention and are able to diplomatically deal with alcohol induced behavior.

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